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Ubuntu California graphics

I’ve done some graphic design for the Ubuntu California Local Community Team. Until we get a repository going, here are some of the designs I’ve done.

Ubuntu California Local Community Team logo

I created the basic look of the logo, comprised of the Ubuntu Circle of Friends logo with the State of California replacing the gold section of the Circle of Friends. This went through three variants before settling on the first design with a stunning enhancement by Mark Garrow: the California Republic flag bear walking out of the logo.

The final logo as well as variant designs are available. Other submissions are archived on the California LoCo wiki.

Name Badges

To help make an impression, I’ve also designed several name badge designs for our public appearances. Here are the current designs.

BarCamp LA 4 / Ubuntu 7.10 Installfest

Ubuntu California Local Community Team Installfest name badge

For our first appearance since the reformation of the LoCo team, I created a nice badge incorporating the California Republic flag design created by Neal Bussett as a team logo submission.

Because it was our first appearance and we were not sure who would attend, we decided to include not only our full names but our IRC nicks as well.

Southern California Linux Convention

Ubuntu California Local Community Team SCaLE6X name badge

For our next appearance at SCaLE6X, I was aiming for a design which was simpler and more open. I was able to use a Californian sunset photo I took back in 2001 to give us a very Ubuntu-y orangy-brown look.

Because this is a large convention, we dropped the IRC nick. Our team name is featured prominently because many people were interested in knowing if we were “from Ubuntu”. This badge is also designed to be reusable for future appearances.